Meet Our Team!

  • Davey Croakett
    Davey Croakett

    Wake up with the King of the Froggy Frontier and the best Froggy Country on your radio!

  • Cricket

    Hi there! My name is Cricket and I was misplaced at birth. I was born in the city, but my heart belongs in the country! Thankfully, I’ve found my way home to Henry County.

  • Jumpin’ Jim Beam
    Jumpin’ Jim Beam

    This story begins in the Spring of ’81, when a 9 pound seven ounce boy came into the world. He would spend his childhood growing up in the Henry County Countryside.

  • Taste of Country
    Taste of Country

    Sam Alex has always been a big fan of country music — he’s worked for country stations across the nation and never misses his favorite acts when they come to town.

  • Annie Croakley
    Annie Croakley

    I started radio at a young age. I first became an intern here at the age of 14, I then progressed to become and on-air talent. I love being out in the country, it’s quiet and there’s plenty to do out there.

  • Lilly Pad
    Lilly Pad

    I love Jesus, my family, my cows, southern rock music, UK basketball (Go Cats!) and Auburn football (War Eagle!).  I am passionate about agriculture and farming and love to share that passion with others.

  • James Pond
    James Pond

    I LOVE me some sushi so if you can’t find me there with my kiddos Jacob and Josie Pond, I can probably be found in the woods, or on a bank somewhere.

  • Jessica Bray
    Jessica Bray

    Raised in the hills of southeast Kentucky, Jessica Blankenship grew up listening to country music while working on the farm.