Hi there! I’m Cricket, here to formally apologize to all of my teachers for the constant classroom chatter. But good news… It paid off! After spending my youth on a softball field, I hung up the cleats and snagged a broadcasting degree from Western Kentucky University. I’ve been on Froggy 104.9 in Frankfort since we launched the station in 2007, adding Froggy 101.7 in Shelbyville five years later. I married the afternoon guy, Jumpin’ Jim, and we made a real cute kid we call Grace Hopper. When we are not talking, we are farming! JJB and I raise beef cattle and I am a beekeeper. Follow us @Troubadourfarmsky 

Other things you should know about me:

  • Glossophobic. (No, really.)
  • Workaholic.
  • Life Goal: Compete on Survivor.
  • Beer over wine. 
  • Bingo over Trivia Night.
  • Co-ed Sports Free Agent.

Visuals from the show!