Jumpin’ Jim Beam

Jumpin’ Jim Beam

This story begins in the Spring of ’81, when a 9 pound seven ounce boy came into the world. He would spend his childhood growing up in the Henry County Countryside. On the farm driving Tractors and spending time with his Cows. In his down time, he would record his favorite songs off the radio on this tape player and pretend he was a DJ. When he turned 18, a confused young man made his way to the Big City of Louisville to pursue an education, not sure what he wanted to do with his life. All that would lead to the Spring of 2004 when he stepped his first steps in a radio station. Everything changed that day. From Intern, to Part Timer, to Producer, to his first fill in shift on the radio, it would all lead him to his destiny….. On December 26, 2007 Froggy County launched and he became Jumpin Jim Beam, Afternoons on Froggy 104.9 & 101.7

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Budweiser honors Step Fathers

I often preach about family not just being blood.  Our Froggy Radio Family knows all about that.  No matter the make up of your “family,” love, support and strength can be a big life difference maker.  Budweiser honored stepfathers in this clip.  Check it out.

Froggy Pet of the Week Bhear

Meet Bhear our Froggy Pet of the Week.  He is around a year old and get’s along well with kids and other cats.  Bhear was very sweet in the studio and loved exploring and checking everything out.  If you want to learn more about Bhear you can visit the Franklin County Humane Society at 1041 […]

Froggy’s Pet of the Week Mia May

This weeks pet Mia May is 18 months old.  She loves people, dogs, cats & car rides!  If you are interested to learn more about Mia May call 502-875-7297 or visit the Franklin County Humane Society at 1041 Kentucky Avenue in Frankfort.