The Most Commonly Misspoken Phrases Revealed

The Most Commonly Misspoken Phrases Revealed

The Most Commonly Misspoken Phrases Revealed

There are some classic catchphrases that we’ve all heard over and over again, and we’ve become so used to some of them that we don’t realize that they are often actually said incorrectly.

Linguist Geoffrey Pullum is revealing some of the most common mistakes:

Nip it in the butt vs. Nip it in the bud
Used as a way for someone to say they are going to do something and get it over with quickly and efficiently, somewhere along the lines people started using “butt,” but the correct phrase is “nip it in the bud.”

Hunger pains vs. Hunger pangs
While hunger pains does seem to make sense, the correct phrase is hunger pangs.

You’ve got another thing coming vs. You’ve got another think coming
Used to mean “to be greatly mistaken,” the correct phrase is actually “you’ve got another think coming,” meaning the person is wrong, and they need to think again.

Butt naked vs. Buck naked
Again, while they both technically mean the same thing, the actual correct phrase is “buck naked.”

One in the same vs. One and the same
They imply the exact same thing but “one in the same” is grammatically incorrect.

Other examples include:
Beck and call becomes beck on call (Beck and call is correct)
Regardless becomes irregardless (irregardless isn’t even an actual word)
Pique your interest becomes peak your interest (pique please)
I couldn’t care less becomes I could care less (couldn’t is correct)


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