Meet Our Team!

  • Davey Croakett
    Davey Croakett

    Wake up with the King of the Froggy Frontier and the best Froggy Country on your radio!

  • Cricket

    Hi there! My name is Cricket and I was misplaced at birth. I was born in the city, but my heart belongs in the country! Thankfully, I’ve found my way home to Henry County.

  • Jumpin’ Jim Beam
    Jumpin’ Jim Beam

    This story begins in the Spring of ’81, when a 9 pound seven ounce boy came into the world. He would spend his childhood growing up in the Henry County Countryside.

  • Taste of Country
    Taste of Country

    Sam Alex has always been a big fan of country music — he’s worked for country stations across the nation and never misses his favorite acts when they come to town. Originally from the Chicago area, Sam now lives in Nashville, where he hosts the Taste of Country Nights radio show. Taste of Country Nights is a country radio show that broadcasts live from Nashville to more than 60 radio stations nationwide for your enjoyment anywhere.

  • Annie Croakley
    Annie Croakley

    I started radio at a young age. I first became an intern here at the age of 14, I then progressed to become and on-air talent. I love being out in the country, it’s quiet and there’s plenty to do out there.

  • Ally Gator
    Ally Gator

    Hey its ya girl Ally Gator!

  • Lilly Pad
    Lilly Pad

    I love Jesus, my family, my cows, southern rock music, UK basketball (Go Cats!) and Auburn football (War Eagle!).  I am passionate about agriculture and farming and love to share that passion with others.

  • James Pond
    James Pond

    I LOVE me some sushi so if you can’t find me there with my kiddos Jacob and Josie Pond, I can probably be found in the woods, or on a bank somewhere.

  • Jessica Bray
    Jessica Bray

    Raised in the hills of southeast Kentucky, Jessica Blankenship grew up listening to country music while working on the farm.