Throwback to the Froggy Field Party 1

Throwback to the Froggy Field Party 1

Throwback to the Froggy Field Party 1

I am a sentimental guy, so I am going to take a look back at the Froggy Field Party through the years the next few weeks.  It started as an idea to have an affordable show in our neck of the woods so we could make some music memories.  It has been everything we could have hoped for and more.  It all started in July 2009 at Elk Creek Vineyards in Owenton.  It was the Froggy Field Party 1 with Justin Moore, Whitney Duncan and Garrick “Puddin” Howell.  It was a good time!  Here’ some of my favorite memories.

FFP 1 Whitney Duncan & Staff

The Froggy Staff with Whitney Duncan.

FFP 1 Justin Moore & Staff

The Staff Photo without me.  I was driving the band to the stage.

FFP 1 Tractor JJB

Proof I drove Justin Moore’s band to the stage.

The Skinny Dippers

The kids jumped into the lake when Whitney Duncan was singing “Skinny Dippin.”

Puddin Howell FFP#1

Garrick “Puddin” Howell

FFP 1 Whitney Duncan

Whitney Duncan

Justin Moore in Truck

Justin Moore rides to the Stage in Style.

Justin Moore Speaker

Justin Moore get’s a good view of the Crowd

Justin Moore FFP#1

The sun going down in Owenton as Justin Moore plays in to the night.


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