Taste of Country

Taste of Country

Sam Alex has always been a big fan of country music — he’s worked for country stations across the nation and never misses his favorite acts when they come to town. He’s been on red carpets for many different awards shows and interviewed some of your favorite celebrities, like Will Ferrell and Taylor Swift. Originally from the Chicago area, Sam now lives in Nashville, where he hosts the Taste of Country Nights radio show. If you ever see him on lower Broadway, get him a pina colada and some BBQ chicken pizza … they’re his favorites!

Taste of Country Nights is a country radio show that broadcasts live from Nashville to more than 60 radio stations nationwide for your enjoyment anywhere. Listen to all of the country hits, get country music news, hear interviews and in-studio performances with the hottest acts in country music. Producer Amber makes sure host Sam Alex doesn’t get too far off topic, and you’ll also hear from ToC’s own Billy Dukes for the latest country news out of Music City. It’s your nightly go-to!

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Weird News Wednesday: Music Video Busted!

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