Disney World/Cruise Trip Report Part 2: This is Why You Rope Drop, Continued

Disney World/Cruise Trip Report Part 2: This is Why You Rope Drop, Continued

Disney World/Cruise Trip Report Part 2: This is Why You Rope Drop, Continued

Time to continue on into the later part of our day at Magic Kingdom! Find the full break down of the first half here.

In short, we covered 10 or 11 attractions (11 or 12 if you count the Muppets show) depending on if you went with the Space Mountain group or not.  We’ve used 2 FastPasses with still one on the way.  We’ve had some snacks including popcorn, cookies, and a churro, and now we’re heading to a late lunch/early dinner at the Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen.  The only thing I will say about Skipper Canteen is that even with reservations, you will typically wait a while after you arrive.  Our reservations were for 3:25, we got seated probably closer to 3:50-4:00.  This is typical at many in park restaurants, so it’s not necessarily calling out Skipper Canteen, just be aware.

This is actually the first time we’ve been to Disney since they (controversially) began serving alcohol at the sit down restaurants in the Magic Kingdom.  I really didn’t mind before when Magic Kingdom didn’t have alcohol, and I don’t mind it now that they do.  I will say that because of the change I was able to order the Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale which is a delicious ale brewed exclusively for Walt Disney World.  If you like outside the box, spiced style beer, this one is a MUST try.  I believe my brother ordered the Tusker Lager, which is a less common beer for around these parts imported from Kenya.  Not a bad “Budweiser-ish” (but better) choice if that style more suits your palate, but I’d prefer the Kungaloosh if you have the option.  Allyson had the House Made Spiced Sangria which was by far the best sangria we’ve had on property (or maybe anywhere).

For the meals this year, I did a bad job and didn’t take any pictures…But I will go on to tell you what we got and how we liked it.  Allyson ordered the “Tastes Like Chicken, Because It Is!”($24)  Disney describes this as Crispy-fried Chicken served with Jasmine Rice, Chili Glaze, and Seasonal Vegetables.  She’s had this dish before and enjoyed it very much.  The only problem we’ve had both times we’ve gotten it is that there’s always a very hard, un-edible part at the end.  Not sure what it is, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t a bone.  Overall very good dish, and a safer choice for the less adventurous eater in this restaurant.

I had the “Sankuru Sadie’s Seafood Stew”($27).  Disney says this one is Shrimp, Sustainable Fish, Mussels, and Octopus simmered in a fragrant Coconut Sauce. Served with Jasmine Rice.  This was delicious! I don’t remember what the sustainable fish was that day, but is was sweet and flaky without much of a fishy flavor.  The octopus was cooked to perfection, as well as the shrimp, each retaining that slight snap in each bite.  The mussels were wonderful, and all the flavors were absorbed and worked into the Jasmine rice.  Highly recommended for seafood fans.

My brother ordered the “Hardy Har Char Siu Pork”($24).  Char Siu-marinated Pork served with Seasonal Vegetables and Jasmine Rice.  I didn’t try this one, but he said it was fantastic, and based on the description, another safe choice for those who aren’t prepared to have a whole fried fish delivered to them.

Overall Skipper Canteen has quickly become my favorite table service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.  The unique menu is much more adventurous (even though it has toned down over the years since it opened) than most Disney restaurants, especially in Magic Kingdom.  With the recent changes and price hikes at Be Our Guest, I especially think Skipper Canteen is the best for the money.  Maybe I’ll get around to ranking the sit down restaurants at Magic Kingdom soon.

After linner (spelling intentional), Mia REALLY wanted to ride Haunted Mansion.  I wasn’t sure if we would get to ride it on this day because it was, again, REALLY BUSY.  We looked at the My Disney Experience app and saw a 60 minute wait.  While I rarely get into a line that long, she wanted to ride it, we had a while before our next FastPass, and basically all the main draws had similar or longer lines at the time, so we bit the bullet and got in line.

It was pretty accurate, but luckily Haunted Mansion has an interactive queue that kept the little ones entertained for about half the wait.

It was getting to be around 6:15 in the evening when we walked out of the Haunted Mansion.  We were close to Fantasyland, so we decided to go to “it’s a small world”.  We were in line around 6:25 with a posted wait of about 25 minutes, which turned out to be pretty close.  We made it through the ride and it was time for our final FastPass.

That’s an older picture, although it does help that the wait time turned out to be what I quoted above!

Anyway, after a bathroom break, it was beginning to get dark.  We had a little bit of a snafu as some of the party got ahead and went to different restrooms than the rest of us expected.  Anyway, even though it was dark, were able to get back together in time for our ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

It was around 7:25 when we got in the FastPass line.  The wait time was, if memory serves me, around 120 minutes.  With FastPass we were able to wait about 5 minutes in the line, and be back out front not long after.  Don’t get me wrong, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a nice ride with great dark ride elements, and a fun family coaster portion, but you NEED a FastPass.  It’s not worth more than a 40 minute wait, so it’s either rope drop, or FastPass.

As soon as we tap our bands at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, I start looking for more FastPass+ options.  I was able to secure a Mad Tea Party for 7:45.  We arrived at Mad Tea Party, and got in the FastPass queue.  We had to wait for one round to go, and then we were up! Spinning as fast as we can, we were off coming up on 8:00.  The night time spectacular “Happily Ever After” has a 9:00 start, so we started to make our way to the hub.

This is the only pic from our time waiting for the fireworks, but to give you a run down, it was TIGHT quarters in the hub.  We maneuvered ourselves as much as we could (and ended up having a decent viewing position) until we just stopped.  This is always a tough time of the night.  Everyone’s packed in, the kids are tired, and there is always a solid chance of a meltdown.  We had 1 or 2, but nothing major.  However…someone near us had a MAJOR meltdown during the fireworks! I’m not talking about a kid either.  A lady that had been in her spot with her family since before we got there blew a gasket because a man arrived right before the fireworks and put his kid on his shoulders obscuring someone in her party’s view.  Now, I get it, putting a kid on your shoulders at Disney to see a show is incredibly rude to all other guests, but she went waaaaaay overboard.  She was making threats, yelling, and just making a scene.  This guy was not a small man either, while this woman probably wasn’t going to rip Eeyore’s tail off in a fight.  The guy kept his composure, and basically ignored her.  Should he have taken his child off his shoulders and just held the kid like everyone else? Probably, and he may have been more receptive to that idea had it been asked in a different way.  Just keep your cool people.  I’ve seen a lot of nastiness out of guests around this time of night.  I’ve even seen one guest make a cast member cry.  Not sure what lead to that, I just saw the aftermath.

Anyway, be nice.  Happily Ever After is overall a better show than Wishes was, with incredible images on the Castle and more pyro by my estimation.  The only complaint I would have is there are several times in the show that have an “ending” feel instead of feeling like a flowing steady show.  Definitely check it out, especially if you enjoy fireworks.  Just be nice.

Happily Ever After ended around 9:20, but Magic Kingdom didn’t close until 10 that night.  We ended up riding Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid first with no wait.  By this time we gave the kids an option of calling it a night or heading to one more ride.

We ended up on Pirates of the Caribbean! The wait was posted at 20 minutes, which was probably about right.  We exited the ride at about 10:05, and headed for the exit down Main Street USA, making it to the bus stop, and here was the aftermath.

Disney Magic’s a helluva drug…Mia had been falling asleep standing up prior to this picture and ended up out on my lap by the time we got to the resort.

Here’s a basic run down of our day.

The first half of the day (9am-3:30ish) – 11-12 attractions (2 per hour) thanks in large part to rope drop and FastPass+

2nd half of the day (3:30ish-10:00) – Haunted Mansion, Small World, Mine Train, Mad Tea Party, Happily Ever After, Little Mermaid, and Pirates. 7 attractions (including fireworks, not including meal) basically slightly less than 1 attraction per hour.

We COULD have done more attractions by skipping Happily Ever After, but we’d never seen this show before.  Fireworks time is another opportunity to experience shorter than average wait times if fireworks aren’t your thing.

Basically from going bell to bell, rope drop to close, in one day we experienced JUUUUUST about everything attraction-wise Magic Kingdom has to offer.

What did we miss? Splash Mountain (a member of our party wasn’t tall enough), Swiss Family Treehouse, Country Bear Jamboree, Tom Sawyer Island, The Hall of Presidents (maybe without a 3 year old), Liberty Square Riverboat (closed for refurbishment), The Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini.

If we had another day, we maybe experience the rest (that were right for our party age), along with some repeats, but today is pretty much the max of what you can do in one day at Magic Kingdom.  If we didn’t rope drop, our day would’ve looked much different, and in my opinion, wouldn’t have been worth the price of the ticket.  When you hear people say they don’t like Disney, most of it is because they’re doing it wrong, haven’t looked into the things available that they might enjoy, or are just way too far out of touch with their inner child.

Alright, that’s it from Magic Kingdom! Onto the cruise in the next edition!

See ya real soon!


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