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Sick of Elf on the Shelf? Meet Santa’s Lazy Gnome.

The holidays are hectic when you’re trying to get all the shopping done and wrapped, and trying to get your kiddos to a few holiday events and activities, on top of all the regular everyday life stuff. So the last thing some parents want to deal with is the dang Elf on the Shelf and […]

HACK OF THE WEEK: How to Keep Live Christmas Trees Fresher Longer

How can you keep a live Christmas tree looking fresh for as long as possible this holiday season? Popular Science has some advice: 1. Before you even buy a live tree, test it! Check for discolored or overly brittle foliage, wrinkled bark or a musty odor and run the needles through your fingers to makes […]

Eden Shale Farm in Owen County Aerial Tour

Eden Shale Farm in Owen County is an Educational Farm that has implemented many projects that we can all use to improve our farms.  Cricket and I had the opportunity to check out the farm on a field day a few months back.  Here’s an aerial tour of some of the projects they have going […]

Huge Australian Steer Goes Viral Due to Its Massive Size

Knickers the Steer has gone viral due to his enormous size! Not only is the steer 6 feet 4 inches tall, he also weighs more than 3,000 pounds. Being a big guy was lucky for Knickers, though, because it saved him from the slaughterhouse. “It was too heavy,” owner Geoff Pearson told Perth Now this […]