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Sink or Swim Jason Isbell “Last of My Kind”

Today we have Jason Isbell “Last of My Kind” on SINK or SWIM.  If you like it SWIM IT.  If you don’t SINK IT.   If you vote before 5p Eastern on Tuesday you can qualify to win 4 tickets to the Bluegrass Fair at Masterson Station Park going on now through July 22.  You can […]

Froggy Local Show Playlist 7/15/18

We feature local original music on the Froggy Local Show Sunday Nights from 7p-8p.  I subbed in for James Pond this week and thought I would share some of the songs from the show in case you missed it.   Here’s the playlist from this weeks show and the songs I could find on youtube […]

[WATCH] WWII Vet Shows Boy How To Be Brave

A 95-year-old WWII and Korean War veteran, Michael Biss, was determined to inspire a little boy too afraid to jump from the diving board at a neighborhood pool. Although Biss walks with a cane, he stepped up to the board, flexed a muscle, and jumped. With a little help from friends and family, he showed [...]

Weird News Wednesday: Shark Attack!!!

Katarina Zarutskie, a 19-year-old Instagram model recently visited the Bahamas with her boyfriend and his family. During their stay, Zarutskie came across a pool where several nurse sharks were swimming. “Nurse sharks are calm creatures,” she tells BuzzFeed. She goes on to say she’s seen plenty of instagram photos of people swimming next to the […]