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Mmmm, Doughnut Earth…It’s Weird News Wednesday!!!

A relatively new theory has people arguing online about the possibility that Earth might actually be shaped like a doughnut. VICE reports that the “Donut Earth Theory” first appeared on in a 2008 thread started by a mysterious figure named “Dr. Rosenpenis”–who posted the theory as a joke. It was fleshed out in detail by FES […]

BEWARE! Thanksgiving Food That May Be Harmful To Your Dog

There are a lot of Thanksgiving foods that may be harmful should your dog ingest them. Here are some things to watch out for: -Plain turkey is completely fine, but the fat in the skin can cause pancreatitis, and seasonings could upset a dog’s digestive system. -Sweets, particularly chocolate, can be poisonous. -Grapes and raisins, […]

Blackberry Smoke covers Tom Petty “You Got Lucky”

Blackberry Smoke recently released “The Southern Ground Sessions” featuring acoustic versions of 5 album tracks plus this cover of Tom Petty “You Got Lucky” with Amanda Shires.  The original version from Tom Petty was released in 1982.  Check out both versions of the song below.

9 Charities That Are Assisting California Wildlife Victims

Are you looking for ways to help out those who’ve been affected by the deadly wildfires currently raging across California? The New York Times has published a roundup of nine charitable organizations you can donate money or time to: (Click organization for a link to website.) California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund: For 15 years, […]

HACK OF THE WEEK: Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks

Everyone needs help getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table, so here are some hacks that’ll make your dinner prep go faster–and dinner taste better: 1. Don’t baste your turkey; butter it! Basting doesn’t actually result in a moister turkey because juices poured over top don’t penetrate the skin. Instead, rub pats of butter under and […]