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Cowphoto Friday – Vidalia, Gerdy & Charlotte Johnson

I have nicknamed the 3 of them Charlie’s Angels.  They are this years crop of heifers on our farm.  We just weaned them from their moms so they have been fussing quite a bit this week.  Here’s the latest edition of Cowphoto Friday. Annabelle’s Calf – Vidalia Born August 20, 2017 (Cricket’s Calf) Charlene’s Calf […]

Boy with CP Brings Coast Guard Dad to Tears with Pledge of Allegiance

A video is going viral of five-year-old Jake Garza of St. Petersburg, Florida. Jake has severe cerebral palsy and rarely speaks, so it was a surprise when he recited the pledge of allegiance that he hears in his classroom each morning. His dad, Eric, who serves in the U.S. Coast Guard, recorded the proud patriotic [...]

Optical Illusion That Will Blow Your Mind

This optical illusion will blow your mind in 30 seconds flat! Concentrate on this image and the swirls of color will disappear entirely. The effect was discovered by a Swiss doctor in the 1800’s who found that the brain stops paying attention to visual scenes that don’t change. If you blink, it may come back […]

Weird News Wednesday: Alligators Don’t Eat Veggies

On Facebook Friday, South Carolina’s Fripp Island Resort posted a photo of an alligator with a carrot on his face, along with the caption, “Today some visitors threw carrots onto a big alligator. This is a new level of stupid. We know some of Fripp’s wildlife is amazing, but this is not how appreciation, respect, […]

Sink or Swim Jake Owen “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)”

Today we have Jake Owen’s new one on SINK or SWIM.  It’s called “I Was Jack (You Were Diane).”  If you like it SWIM IT.  If you don’t SINK IT.   If you vote before 5p Eastern on Tuesday you can qualify to win tickets to see The Mavericks April 27 at the Iroquois Amphitheater .  […]