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Weird News Wednesday: A New Brew for the Last Blockbuster

The last Blockbuster store left in the U.S., located in Bend, Oregon, is being honored with a limited-edition craft beer. Extra Crispy reports that 10 Barrel Brewing, also based in Bend, is whipping up a schwarzbier (a.k.a. a German dark lager) called “The Last Blockbuster” to honor their hometown store. The beer has “nuances of red licorice,” […]

Garth Brooks Announce New Live Album

Garth Brooks is coming out with a brand-new album called Triple Live that will feature recordings from his massive, three-year world tour. Rolling Stone reports that there’s yet to be an official release date given for Triple Live, but as of Monday night, fans can download a copy via Ticketmaster’s website HERE while supplies last. […]

Fun Lunchbox Ideas from Hormel

Hormel Foods Corporation has shared some fun lunchbox ideas for your tadpoles! Here are the Top 5 according to Froggy: 1. Write secret messages on bananas. Use a toothpick to write the message like I heart U or U R Beautiful or U R GR8. 2. Use waffles, pancakes or bagels instead of bread for […]

Randy Houser Announces New Album ‘Magnolia’ Due Out November 2

Randy Houser announced Friday that he is releasing a new album on November 2 titled Magnolia. “This album was a total reset for me in every way possible. With the last album, I just didn’t have time to create, and it was obvious that it didn’t all come from my guts. Because of that, the […]

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